The Benefits of Being Happy


We all know those outrageously and sometimes obnoxiously happy people.  They are spread out throughout our lives, dispersed among us like small little suns that never seen to burn out.

Research suggests that these people are far more likely to succeed than any other.  Their levels of “positive affect”, or a wide range of positive feelings within them, are higher than average.  A study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin suggests a correlation between people with high positive affect, and students who received internships or apprenticeships as well as career offerings.

Questionnaires were given to high school students just before they graduated and at regular intervals throughout the college process.  Students who experienced high positive affect consistently were found to be more successful.

In the survey, at each time point, researchers used statistical analysis to analyze the amount of effort the students put towards their careers.  The research showed the positive affect was the second most important factor in determining how much effort a student put into his or her career.  The only thing more important was previous effort (which logically makes sense).

So what does this say about happy people?  First, they are more likely to get a job or internship than those who have lower positive affect.  Second, They are more likely to pursue their goals with a greater dedication and intensity.

I guess now would be a great time to get happier.  More on that later.

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