We can all be kind of lonely

A pet peeve of mine: when people don’t say high on the street.

I get it, people are in a rush, they’re doing their think walking along trying to get to where they need to be.  But still, if you see someone you know on the street, you should probably acknowledge him or her.

I do this somewhat compulsively.  I’m constantly searching around looking for friendly faces, even in places I don’t usual travel.  Maybe that’s weird.

But there’s something special about seeing someone on the street, and smiling at them or saying hi.  Too often we awkwardly stand there or sit there and just pretend that we are alone, even if we aren’t.  Why not talk to a stranger, or at least recognize that they exist and they are there?

Obviously there’s a difference between seeing a friend on the street and seeing a stranger, but the general lack of connection between people is not something to be proud of.  Occasionally, when I take the train, I mess with social norms and start talking to the person next to me or across from me.  It ends well at times.

all I’m saying is that we as a society have for some reason deemed ignoring each other acceptable.  And that’s not okay.


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