What makes a guy attractive?


Popular belief this day is that you need to look like this to talk to girls:

Okay, maybe like this too:

The reality: most guys (and quite a few girls) don’t know what makes a guy attractive and what does not.  In fact, the sheer quantity of douche-bags on college campuses these days reflects the twisted perception people have on male attractiveness.

 Studies show that looks, although somewhat important, are not the determinant factor in female attraction.  Female attraction and male attraction are quite different, due to varying evolution and hormones.

However, there are certain traits that surveys show ALWAYS attract the opposite sex. In fact, polls taken from popular news sources, online databases, and self-assessment blogs point towards a set of characteristics that women find universally attractive.


It may not come as a surprise, but confidence is a universally attractive trait (for both males and females).  However, do not misconstrue confidence to mean cockiness or narcissism.  Confidence means an assurance of one’s actions and one’s value.  It means security, and self-esteem in abundance.  Confident people believe in themselves and their ability to overcome obstacles, no matter how difficult.  In nature, confident men hunted for food, and protected their tribe from any potential dangers.  Today, confident men achieve things.  Confident men are not afraid to take risks for the things that they want, even if they do not always succeed.  Women cannot get enough of it.  The best part: confidence is a learned trait.  You can develop it and foster it within others over time.  Learn to be confident in everything you do and everyone you do it with.


Way too many people in this world satiate themselves on simple existence.  How many of your friends just go about their day, with little regard for anything but working, sleeping, eating, drinking, or playing video games?  Passionate people have something to live for, something to achieve on a day to day basis.  Passionate people are dedicated.  They love what they do and they don’t care what people have to say about it.  There is a level of intensity within passionate people that attracts women.  What are you passionate about?  What do you wake up for every day?  If you can’t think of something, then you’re not living life to its fullest.  


People who can make you laugh can build rapport (connection) with people extremely quickly.  Laughing makes people live longer, and people who can make people laugh without making them feel awkward or uncomfortable have great power in this world.  Humor points towards social inteligence, or an understanding of how things work.  Funny people “get it”, whether it be social stigmas, society, or interactions. You have to know how the system works before you can make fun of it.  Also, funny people are awesome to be around.  They make you feel comfortable and engaged in what they’re saying.  Women love funny men, and vise-versa.

Health and Cleanliness

Regular hygiene and maintenance of health is the simplest way to increase the amount of women who are interested in you.  Think about it: clean and healthy people have a significantly higher chance of surviving in the world today.  Clean people are taken seriously in the business world.  Healthy people live longer and have greater physical ability than others.  In nature, clean and healthy men survived longer and were more useful to the tribe that they lived in.  It makes sense that women would be attracted to these type of men.  So start regularly going to the gym, checking up with doctors, showering, and flossing every day.

For another interesting article on males and attraction, check out Doctor Nerd Love.


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