What Makes a Woman Attractive?


Society seems to have certain definitions for what makes a woman either attractive or unattractive.  However, the actual psychology of the matter may change your perception on what is beautiful and what isn’t.

According to the science of today, as well as common sense, physical and emotional traits are both directly correlated to attraction.  In terms of what we see: facial and body structure.  In terms of what we feel: emotional experiences and ovulation.  Although these details might not create your perfect women, in general, these traits make up the average “really hot” girl.

Facial Structure

There are a number of surprisingly exact statistics and measurements that determine how attractive a female face is.

  • An eye-width of three-tenths of the total face
  • A chin length that is no more or no less than one fifth of the height of the face
  • Smaller noses (approximately 5% of the total area of the face)
  • Pupil width one-fourteenth the distance between cheekbones

Furthermore, the overall symmetry of a face can add to the attractive of the opposite sex.  Subconsciously, men interpret symmetrical faces and bodies as a sign of ‘good’, ‘healthy’ genes, subject to reproduction.

Body Shape

The most obvious part of attractive for men is body shape.  Generally, men look for curvy features and an ideal waist ration (70% of the circumference of the hips).  However, style can add to or take away from overall attractiveness in certain cases.  This probably won’t surprise you, but dressing well and wearing form-fitting clothing can really add to a woman’s overall image.  Appearing neat, clean, and tidy gives woman an edge right off the bat.

Interesting fact: woman who wear dresses with a blood red color are almost ALWAYS seen as more attractive than woman who wear any other color dress.


Having emotional experiences with a woman makes her significantly more attractive. Feeling anxiety, fear, tension, adrenaline, and excitement increase metabolic heart rate and contribute to a greater sense of sexual attraction. 

The same goes for laughing.  If a woman can make another man or woman laugh, she is likely to be liked more.


I know it sounds strange, but when undergoing ovulation, woman are found to be more attractive.  At a certain point in a woman’s menstrual cycle, they being ovulation, where their ovary releases an egg to be fertilized.  Men can actually sense the small changes in a woman’s behavior and appearance (such as lip color, pupil dilation, skin tone), as these changes occur.  From an evolutionary standpoint, this makes sense.  Males are more attractive to females that are fertile and can reproduce.

To Conclude

As you can see, a variety of surprisingly specific traits make certain woman more universally attractive than others.  One specific trait that I failed to cover here is smell, but I plan to write more about that soon.  

I want to thank Persify for supplying a portion of the information represented in this article.  Here is a link to their site on health and wellness: Persify

Go ahead and check out there site for more fun facts and information.


One thought on “What Makes a Woman Attractive?

  1. LOOOOL thought it was gonna be all theoretical like the guys one with passion, health, personality, cleanliness but its just looks LOLOLOL i feel that braj, oh and ovulation

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